Ottawa's Top Rated Escape Rooms

Ottawa's Top Rated Escape Rooms

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We had a blast last weekend trying to break out of the prison cell. If you like puzzles and trying to solve things, this is the perfect activity!
- Sophie L
The #1 rated Fun and Games attraction in Ottawa

About escape Manor

About Escape Manor

A door slams shut behind you, you’re locked in! Explore the room to discover clues. You have 45 minutes to work together to find the key to get out before ...

The rooms

The Rooms

Five different rooms. Five different themes. Choose your adventure, each with their own set of diabolical challenges, each more fiendishly clever than the last…
Downtown Location

Mankind has driven Mother Nature beyond the brink of recovery. An outbreak of the plague is turning the infected into zombies, including you. Find the cure and secure a spot on the final transport shuttle out.

The strain has mutated! The Apocalypse is moving to Hintonburg. Booking will resume mid-june. Lock your doors and stay in your homes till then!
Booking Suspended
The strain has mutated
The Apocalypse is moving to Hintonburg
Booking will resume mid-june
Lock your doors and stay in your homes till then!

You and your crew of outlaws are celebrating a successful train robbery in a saloon over some whiskey. Your boss, the king of outlaws, Billy the Kid himself, has snuck away, taking the loot with him and locking you inside the saloon. The sheriff will be there at sunrise to arrest you. Do you have what it takes to outsmart Billy The Kid and escape before the law rolls in? 45 minutes - 6 people

You’re trapped in Ward 13, a condemned area of an abandoned asylum. Escape before the mad scientist, who haunts the asylum basement to this very day, returns and you end up the next eyeball in his formaldehyde jar.

Long ago you made a deal with a mysterious stranger, and for a time all of your dreams came true. Lately however you've been feeling drained, beset by a darkness. It must be true, you signed your soul away to the devil. Find the contract and escape with your soul before the Prince of Darkness returns.

Investigating a series of murders you stumble across a hidden wine cellar, and discover a dark secret — the key ingredient in the wine is human blood! The door slams shut. “I’ll be back in 45 minutes to make my next batch of red. Mouah ha ha,” the wine maker cackles. Will you escape before he returns, or will you be made into merlot?

Hintonburg Location

You and your friends decide to visit a lesser-known gallery. “My most exceptional pieces are in the back room,” the curator says. You and your friends begin to examine his bizarre collection of art. When you try to leave, you find that the curator has vanished and the door is locked. Could any of these strange paintings and artifacts hold the key to your escape?

Desperate to find cover, your platoon enters an underground bunker. While fumbling for your flashlight the ground starts to rumble and when the dust settles you realize a wall has appeared splitting your team in half and blocking the entrance you came in. The pick-up helicopter will be there in 45 mins. Will you escape with enough time to hit the rendez-vous point?

You and a handful of medical students are chosen for the residency program at a small hospital outside the city. Dr. Dekill, conducts the tour of the dilapidated facility. As you descend into the basement, the doctor quickly leaves and shuts the door behind him. You find a note indicating that YOU are the next experiment. You better escape before the good doctor returns.

Cycling through Ontario on a shoestring budget, you seek shelter from a downpour in an old run-down hostel. A scream wakes you. You quickly realize that one of your friends is missing, and the door has been locked. A note under the door reads "one person dies every 45 minutes". Will you get out before the evil owner returns?

Diefenbunker Location

You are on the final guided tour of the day, when you and your friends duck into a room and hide so that you can spend a night at the museum. You soon discover that it is not a museum at all. It is actually a cover for an enemy spy organization. You overhear some people talking behind closed doors of an imminent attack scheduled for tonight! You must escape! But first, you must find the communications room, stop the launch sequence and phone-in the Red Alert transmission to the outside world before it is too late! 12 people, 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes to save the world?

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GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats
If you’re looking for a unique, exciting and unforgettable experience, look no further! As a premiere entertainment business in Ottawa, Escape Manor has become a top choice for team building, corporate events, group outings, birthday's and bachelor/ette parties. We have helped top companies bring their employees closer together and given them an event that they have talked about for days, if not weeks after. At the same time, we have kicked off numerous bachelor/ette and birthday parties along with many other private functions.

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Go VIP! Sign-up to get deals, first dibs on new rooms and events, and be in the know about the Manor.

GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats
Impress your co-workers, friends and family with an original group experience at Escape Manor. Built to accommodate groups as small as 2 people and as large as 50, Escape Manor will help you plan an escape from the usual.

Downtown Location

201 Queen Street – 4th Floor
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5C9

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Hintonburg Location

982 Wellington St. West
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2X8

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