Wrongly accused, your gang is sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit. Suspecting you are of Fenian descent, the notoriously rigid Judge Reinhold shows no mercy for your high treason. Were you set up by the corrupt Warden and his crooked henchmen? Will your cunning and wit allow you to prove your innocence? Will you escape before your time is up or will you swing from the gallows in one hour's time?

This interactive experience plays out in The Historic Cornwall Jail, located at 11 Water Street in Cornwall.

Updated with new scenes and puzzles.

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How It Works

In a nutshell, we are locking you and your friends or colleagues up in a themed room with only 45 minutes to escape! You have to search the room you are locked in, find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately find the key to get out before the clock hits zero.

We look forward to locking you up!
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“Alex... Alex?” You look to your friends—their faces gripped by fear. “It's just a silly game” you thought.

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A gurney, a physician's scale, jars filled with—god only knows—a steel door latched shut. “Is our tour guide coming back?” you whisper. A scream from beyond the door freezes your blood.

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You should have known. A deal. A deal too good to be true. His face gloomy, eyes piercing, a slight curl to his lips. You should have known.

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A long lost recipe. A beer rumored to be the best there ever was. You've zeroed in on its whereabouts, but now the difficult part begins.

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You carefully slip past the security system with your team close behind. Your target in sight, you hear a soft click. The alarm sounds. Will this be your last heist?

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You stand before the Schwartz family vault. You know once you start you'll have little time. You light your torch, look to your team, and mutter, “Let's be quick.”

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Red Button Rooms

Your investigation brings you to Vincent's office. As you comb through the evidence you begin to feel uneasy. Are you now part of his twisted game?

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As you enter, you note the abandoned excavation site. “Someone left in a hurry” you think. You step forward when a horrible chill runs down your spine. “What was that voice?”

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Mystery Motel

Rose LaFleur checked into this room before vanishing with the famed diamond. Can you uncover the truth behind her disappearance?

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Explore the studio of William Dank—a washed-up illusionist who was recently found dead. Can you solve the mystery surrounding his death?

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Investigate Ottawa's notorious criminal hangout. Could evidence of William Dank's whereabouts be found within its walls?

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Featured Experiences

You and your friends sneak into the bunker after-hours. Later that night you overhear voices. It becomes clear that some sort of attack is being planned. Can you foil their plans?

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You and the gang have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. Someone is clearly out to get you and only an hour remains before you swing from the gallows.

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11 Water St
Cornwall, ON, K6J 1A1

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