“The escape rooms were above and beyond what I had expected, each room had a unique and interesting theme and made it essential for everyone to participate in order to escape. In addition to the escape, we participated in a coaching session led by Jay Gosselin. He was a great speaker! The seminar was quite captivating and got us all thinking about our futures. I would definitely recommend Escape Manor and MentorU for schools.”
— Erin, grade 12 student leader

Deeper Learning: an immersive educational experience

A successful escape from one of Escape Manor’s fun and challenging rooms requires collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. These are essential skills for students heading into the rapidly changing workforce of tomorrow. With Escape Manor for Students, we invite you to maximize the benefits of this interactive educational tool by helping your students transfer the lessons to their everyday lives.

We are proud to present a partnership with MentorU, a local enterprise that inspires students to make use of their unique potential to create purpose in their lives today, and to build on that purpose for a meaningful tomorrow. Through this partnership, we offer interactive workshops where the escape experience serves as a platform to facilitate deeper learning and development of important transferable skills.

Our post-escape workshops help students synthesize the information and lessons gathered during the escape and relate them to relevant aspects of their everyday lives. Learning themes include career development, leadership and relationship building.

We would love to host your students, so let us know how we can help them dive deeper into essential career and interpersonal skills.

“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think”  — Albert Einstein

Available Sessions

The Essential

Self facilitated workshop

  • Comprehensive PDF guide to implementing the Escape Manor for Students skills workshop
  • 60-minute virtual coaching session with one of our expert coaches in advance of your activity, to help your workshop leader plan and carry out an effective team-building session.
  • Helpful video tutorials to effectively set-up and implement your team-building activity and workshop.

The Inspirational

3-hour facilitated workshop

  • 3-hour interpersonal skills workshop facilitated by one of our expert coaches
  • Written feedback on your team's escape room performance from our experienced staff
  • Post-workshop exercises to facilitate lasting behavioural change
Pricing based on package and group size.
Please submit a request for information for complete details.

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Jay Gosselin, Founder, MentorU

Jay has met over 12,000 high school and university students since 2011. He is passionate about helping young adults make positive transitions from their studies to their adult lives and careers. Currently completing a Master’s degree in Educational Counselling, Jay is a student of intrinsic motivation and personal fulfilment. The combination of his formal studies and his personal experiences have led to his formula for long-term happiness and significance:

Meaningful Life = Action + Openness + Authenticity

Jay lives by the motto “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”, and he is most fulfilled when helping others build their own intrinsic motivation.