These questions don’t need to be answered in order. Finding some answers and entering them into the bank’s site will get you new information to work with. If you look below at a hint and you don’t have access to all the assets or information it mentions then you should look to solve questions you can at this point.

Best practice is to only use hints on questions you think you have all the information to answer but may be misinterpreting or need a little push to get over the finish line.

Don’t forget to keep a written, hard copy of your answers somewhere in case the page closes or you need them later ;)

Click the black box for a hint.
Click the red box for the answer.

If you couldn't log in to your bank account what would you do?

Click 'forgot your account number or password?' on banqueswissbank.com.
Perhaps taking a look at the frames in the office may give you some direction.

Take a peek at Gordon’s Instagram account. Any patterns you notice there?

Star Wars
Scan Gordon’s office, his blog, and his Facebook for this one.

You’ll need to check out Gordon’s Instagram account and receive a note from his executive assistant to solve this one. Keep in mind that you are looking for Gordon's vacations

Sydney 27
Is that a phone ringing somewhere? Take a look in the office photo for more information?

Gordon loves making playlists on his Spotify account. One playlist stands out.

Once you get an indication of where Gordon’s house is in Ottawa you should be able to track his trail with some info from his office.

We usually name those we love in honour of people we admire.

Take a look at Gordon’s blog and Facebook page to put the pieces together here.

Las Vegas
You’ll need to check out Gordon’s office, Instagram, and Facebook to crack this one.

Darth Vader
Tune into an old radio broadcast to figure this one out.

Find Gordon’s LinkedIn page to learn more about his past.

Take a look at Gordon’s Facebook page to solve this one.

Chicago Cubs
Receive the link to a (very) private video to give birth to this answer.

Gordon’s love for his pets needs enough room to cover his Facebook, Instagram, and office. Take a look at his blog as well.

Iago the goat
Take a look at Gordon’s LinkedIn to get started on this one.