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What Are Virtual Experiences

This is not your ordinary online escape room—we have designed our experiences to have a real-world feel about them. You won't know where fiction ends and reality begins.

Our virtual escape experiences are designed to be played from the comfort of your own home. Play with friends, family, and colleagues under one roof or connect remotely anywhere around the world!

Our online escape experiences are suitable for large groups and corporate events. Run the event yourself or use our facilitated experience to maximize your team building event. Find out more by visiting our Groups & Corporate page.

Our Online Experiences

Are you organizing an experience for 5 or more players? Let us help you organize your group or corporate event.

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A man has gone missing in your city. His friends and family are calling for all amateur internet-sleuths to help solve the mystery of where Tom could have disappeared to. The only leads they have to go on are a channel of conspiracy theories Tom left behind. Can you uncover his fate?

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Fresh out of the academy, you are a rookie detective looking to make an impact. It appears that a high-ranking official at the United Nations has been kidnapped and INTERPOL is asking local authorities for help. Will you succeed in being a detective on the world stage?

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In your new role at INTERPOL, Detective Sergeant Gariepy has tasked you with discovering the real identity of a crime boss known only as Caesar. Word is Caesar’s people are set to steal a priceless necklace named Andromeda. Pose as a criminal, climb through the ranks and put Caesar behind bars.

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