Frequently Asked Questions

Online Escape Rooms

Our experiences are developed to have a real-life feel to them. You will interact with our fictional characters on various platforms to solve the mission presented to you. You will follow a series of clues and solve puzzles but this is not like a typical escape room. You are not locked in a “room”. Instead, imagine being a cyber-detective and sleuthing around the internet to solve a case.

Once you purchase the experience you want to play, you will receive an email with instructions as well as an email with specific login credentials from a fictional character involved in the storyline. You are encouraged to forward these instructions and login details to your teammates. When you are ready to start, you can all log in and begin your mission.

We think you should play all of them! Note that you can play the Taken series out of sequence. Below is some information that can help you make a decision about which one is right for you.

Taken: The Swiss Account takes between 60-90 minutes to complete and requires access to some social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify. Free accounts are sufficient and you will not be asked to like, share, comment, or follow anything or anyone. This game is best described as a cyber-detective experience.

Taken 2: Finding Caesar takes between 90-120 minutes to complete and requires some internet searching but is largely contained to one portal/platform that Escape Manor created to facilitate the experience. This game is more puzzle-based than The Swiss Account.

For large corporate, school, or casual groups of 7+ participants, please visit our Groups page and fill out our contact form. We have options to help organize and optimize your experience!

You do not need to book a timeslot! Simply purchase anytime and play at your convenience! You can even play the experiences over multiple sittings if you want to step away from it.

All of our experiences were designed with 4 players as the optimal number of participants. However, if you are an expert detective and want to tackle it on your own, go for it! If you have more than 4 players and want to play together, that’s ok too. We do caution that with every additional player, there is less for each participant to do. We recommend a maximum number of 6 players. You can always divide into teams and purchase additional copies of the experience and play simultaneously. You can even compete to see which team finishes first!

Sometimes this happens. While we do our best to make our emails deliverable, some email providers impose strict spam filters. First, we ask that you check your spam folders in case our email landed there. If you have not received your emails within 10 minutes of your purchase, please email us at for assistance.

There are no time limits for these experiences. Feel free to take your time and finish at your leisure!

Each experience is designed a little differently and may require different apps or accounts. For all experiences, you will need an email address. For Taken: The Swiss Account, you will also need access to some social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify). Free accounts are sufficient and you will not be asked to like, share, comment, or follow anything or anyone. They are simply used to advance the storyline and give clues about our fictional characters.

If you are playing with teammates remotely, we recommend setting up a video conference with your fellow players. This is for communication purposes only -- the experiences are not connected to the video conference platforms in any way. You can use any service that you would like.

Our experiences were designed with adults in mind but they are family-friendly in nature and content. In terms of difficulty, we recommend that kids under the age of 13 play with the assistance of adults.

Most definitely! There are two easy ways to gift an online escape experience:

  1. Purchase your experience and forward the emails (with an optional personal note) to the recipient.
  2. Enter the recipient's email upon purchase.
  3. Be sure to let them know you did so they know to check inbox/junk mail.