FAQS: Escape Rooms

Our building was built before cars were invented so unfortunately we have no onsite parking. We recommend the following:

First Parking: (1 minute walk) on 53 Albert Street has evening parking for $7 when you enter after 4pm and $7 all day Saturday & Sunday. Day rates are $32.

The Myer Centre: (5 minute walk) $10 parking Monday - Friday when you enter after 4pm and $10 all day Saturday & Sunday.

Street Parking: Alice Street, Margaret Street, Felix Street. Charlotte Street, Mary Street

(If you're feeling lucky)

Drop off zone: 61 Edward street, just next door!

Parking prices may vary, please see respective websites for updated prices.

Absolutely! You can purchase gift cards online by visiting our gift cards page and can also be purchased in person.

You can use your gift card to pay for all, or part of your experience at Escape Manor (including drinks, and snacks!), just bring it with you to your booking.

The cost is $46 for Asylum, Wine Cellar, Covenant, The Magician's Secret and Death Row, and $48 for Cabin 13.

We aim to have all of our rooms challenging, but doable. The difficulty depends on you, as each room has a certain "mind" that you grapple with. They are all very different, and you may find some harder or easier depending on your skills. The fastest time in all rooms is very similar, but the following may help:

Death Row: An adventure style room with lots of action. In many ways the most straightforward, but probably the most intense as you face the electric chair.
The Asylum: You are dealing with a lunatic, so he is not very deep but devious. It is a room that rewards attention to detail and punishes assumptions. Set in a 1940's operating theatre, it is probably our creepiest room. Contains medical themes.
The Covenant: Here you are trying to get your contract back from an evil lawyer. So he likes logic puzzles and symbolism - a deep thinking room. Contains spiritual themes.
The Wine Cellar: The pretentious winemaker thinks she is so superior to you that she is happy to tell you most of what you need to know in the form of riddles. Our most beautiful and intricate room, and the best if you love cryptic riddles.
Cabin 13: Our most theatrical room. You’ve entered the abandoned Cabin 13 in hopes to return your possessed friend! This supernatural room contains interactive storytelling with a live performer. Contains spiritual themes.
The Magician's Secret: The Magic is all around you, but can you find the magician within you? The Amazing Claudette is a mysterious magician who is hiding a dark and deadly secret. Only you can save the world by mastering her magic tricks and breaking her cruel spell. This room is an adventure, analytical, and communication style room.
As you can probably tell, our emphasis is on theme, story and immersion. None of the rooms are a scare show where you are chased or touched in the dark etc, but they all have a story that is designed to motivate you to want to escape.

**A suggested order, if you are new to Escape Rooms, would be Death Row, Cabin 13, The Asylum, the Covenant, The Magician's Secret, and The Wine Cellar.

All bookings are done via our online booking system.

Use our contact form, choose "Cancellation" as your purpose, and specify the date and time of booking in the message field, and we will take care of it for you.

If you paid a deposit it is fully refundable or transferable to another time slot if you notify us 48 hours in advance of your booking. For corporate or large group bookings we require 7 days notice in advance of your booking to process a full refund.

Each room is designed for 2 to 6 guests with a 7th guest by request.
Please contact us to make the request.

You need to allow an hour for your escape room experience. This includes the check in, instructions, a back story to set the scene, 45 minutes attempting your escape and time for congratulations, back slapping, tall tales and photos.
Please contact us to make the request.

The Escape Manor Brisbane venue is on the fourth floor at 51 Edward Street and wheelchair access is provided through a modern lift with no stairs available. Disabled toilet facilities are available on site.

All public access doors, including those into the escape rooms, have a minimum width of 880mm. This means we can welcome guests in wheelchairs to actively participate in escapes in all of our current rooms except for the Magician's Secret, which has a step into the room.

However, due to the nature of the activities, there are some elements of the escape that would require assistance for guests in wheelchairs and there is one smaller section of the Asylum that cannot be accessed in a wheelchair.

Due to the size of the rooms we would recommend only one person in a wheelchair at a time, and certainly no more than two. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you require further details.

Book the new time and cancel your original booking using our contact form. Don't forget to specify the date and time of your original booking.

Things are always changing at the Manor. New time slots, cancellations, increased hours etc. Sign-up to our VIP club on our website to get advance notice of new openings, and keep an eye on the booking page, you never know what might pop up.

All done escaping our rooms? No worries! We have heaps more exciting experiences for you. Ransom & Return, Equilibrium, Taken: The Swiss Account, Taken 2: Finding Caesar. More information can be found on our digital experiences page.

Escape Manor is intended for all ages (although some of our rooms are creepy and not suitable for young kids). Please note that we are a licensed establishment. We ask that all groups aged 16 years old and younger to have written parental permission before joining us.

Escape Manor can accommodate up to 35 guest in an hour. Please fill out our groups form for groups larger than 12 people. We will work with you to find space that suits your needs.

We accept credit/debit card, cash, tap and go, EFTPOS and American Express.

We offer snacks (chips, chocolate bars), water and soft drinks, and yes… we serve selected beer, wine, and mixed spirits. Enjoy a drink before or after your great escape!

Please contact us online, and we will get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Alternatively we can also be reached by phone at +61 7 3148 5683.
We do our best to answer your calls, but if we miss you please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.