Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Escape Manor?
    In a nutshell, we are locking you and your friends or colleagues up in a themed room with only 45 minutes to escape! You have to search the room you are locked in, find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately find the key to get out before the clock hits zero.

    Different rooms. Different Themes. Lots of fun! Will YOU Escape?
  • How much does it cost to get locked up? 
    The cost is $21+tax per person. The cost for the 60-minute Apocalypse and the Diefenbunker are between $28+tax and $30+tax per person depending on what the day of week of your booking is. The Museum of Nature experiences are $30+tax per person.
  • How do I book? 
    All bookings are done via our online booking system.
  • How do I cancel my booking?
    Use our contact form, select the location of your booking, choose "Cancellation" as your purpose, and specify the date and time of booking in the message field, and we will take care of it for you.

    If you paid a deposit it is fully refundable or transferable to another time slot if you notify us 48 hours in advance of your booking. For corporate or large group bookings we require 7 days notice in advance of your booking to process a full refund.
  • Is there a waitlist for the Museum of Nature experiences?
    Yes. Join our Museum of Nature Waitlist page on Facebook to be notified of any last minute openings. If you still have a question regarding the Museum of Nature, please email us at
  • Are your rooms available in French?
    Yes, all of our rooms are available in French. If you would like a French experience you must book a full room. Once booked, please contact us and specify the location, date and time of your booking and we will set the room up for you.
  • How many people fit in a room?
    Each room can be booked for up to 6 people. The Apocalypse and Escape the Diefenbunker can be booked for up to 12 people. Some of our rooms can hold more people by request only as follows:

    • The Asylum – 7 people
    • The Darkness – 7 people
    • The Gallery – 7 people
    • Psycho – 7 people
    • Escape the Museum – 15 people

    Please contact us to make the request.
  • Is Escape Manor wheelchair accessible?
    Our 201 Queen Street and Diefenbunker location, although not officially accessible, can be accessed by wheelchair.

    Door width: 30 inches
    Inside Depth: 37 inches
    Inside Width: 56 inches

    Escape Room Entrances
    Door Width: All rooms have entryways with 35 inches of space.

    Escape Rooms
    Outlaw Saloon has a tight entrance once inside and help might be needed.
    Darkness and Asylum have parts of the room that are not accessible.

    Bathrooms do not have safety bars.

    Our Hintonburg location is not accessible (long set of stairs to enter).
  • What if I am already booked for a date and I want to change it for an earlier slot that has opened? 
    Book the new time and cancel your original booking using our contact form. Don't forget to specify the date and time of your original booking.
  • There are no spots online. You guys are fully booked but I want to escape NOW! What do I do? 
    Things are always changing at the Manor. New time slots, cancellations, increased hours etc. Sign-up to our VIP club on our website to get advance notice of new openings, and keep an eye on the booking page, you never know what might pop up.
  • How do I get on the WAITLIST? 
    Use our contact form, and select "Waitlist" as the purpose. Let us know which location you wish to play in the message field. Each week we send out an email on Tuesday night with new openings for the upcoming week.
  • I have played all your rooms, now what?
    We have new stuff going on all the time at the Manor, we also change up our rooms with new themes and clues every 9-12 months. Stay tuned; we’ll have some new adventures for you soon!
  • What ages are allowed at Escape Manor? 
    Escape Manor is intended for all ages (although some of our rooms are creepy and not suitable for young kids). We are a licensed establishment so in peak periods (evenings and weekends) there tends to be a lot of adults enjoying a beverage before their experience. As such, we ask that all groups aged 16 years old and younger to have written parental permission before joining us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
  • Can we bring in outside food and beverages?
    We are happy to accommodate special food requests for parties or private bookings. Contact Brittni at to make your request or get more information. Otherwise we ask that no food items are brought on premise.
  • Our group is less than 6 people? Will other groups be booked with us? 
    Yes. Making new friends is always fun. Each room holds up to 6 people, therefore if you have a group of 4 people, it is possible that 2 more may book in with you. If you book 6 people to reserve the space, and then only show up with 4 people, you will be charged for the extra 2 spaces unless 24 hour advance notice is given on the cancellations.
  • What if we are a smaller group and want to play privately?
    If you are less than 5 people there is a minimum $105 room charge if you want to guarantee a private room. For private Apocalypse groups of 10 or less, there is a minimum group charge of $300 for private experiences.

    Exception: This does not apply to the Museum of Nature or Diefenbunker experiences. Contact to enquire about private group pricing for smaller groups.
  • Are kids allowed at the Diefenbunker or Museum of Nature?
    They certainly are. As the Diefenbunker and Museum of Nature are special museum experiences, we ask that for every 4 kids aged 15yrs and younger that there is one adult present (every 5 kids for the Museum of Nature). If the adult is in a supervisory capacity only, they do not need to pay admission. If it is a family event or the adult is indeed participating in the game, then the adult shall also pay admission.
  • What if we have a large group? 
    Please fill out our groups form for groups larger than 12 people. We will work with you to find space that suits your needs.
  • Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend or family member?
    Absolutely. Gift certificates can be purchased in two ways:

    1. We've partnered with TheGiftCardCafe, and you can now purchase gift cards online here.
    2. On location. Visit us and we will take care of this with you.

    Exception: Gift cards do not apply to the Museum of Nature or Diefenbunker experiences.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash or credit (no debit at this time). There are many banks within a few blocks of our Downtown and Hintonburg locations.
  • Do you offer food and beverage?
    We currently offer light snacks (chips, chocolate bars), non-alcoholic beverages, and yes… we serve beer/wine and select spirits at both our 201 Queen Street and Hintonburg locations.
  • Do you still have questions?
    Please contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.