Ottawa's Top Rated Escape Rooms

Quotes We had a blast last weekend trying to break out of the prison cell. If you like puzzles and trying to solve things, this is the perfect activity!
- Sophie L
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The #1 rated Fun and Games attraction in Ottawa

About escape Manor

A door slams shut behind you, you’re locked in! Explore the room to discover clues. You have 45 minutes to work together to find the key to get out before ...

The rooms

Twelve different rooms. Twelve different themes. Choose your adventure, each with their own set of diabolical challenges, each more fiendishly clever than the last…


Cabin 13

Enjoying a getaway with friends at a cabin in the woods, you sit around the campfire. Alex pulls out a Ouija board and you all begin to play. The 'game' starts to shake and spells a weird message before abruptly reverting to lifelessness. Stricken with fear, everyone runs to the cabin, however, Alex has vanished! You hear demonic chanting from within the cabin. Who or what can it be?

Are you brave enough to step inside and face the spirits you have awoken?

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The Asylum

You’re trapped in Ward 13, a condemned area of an abandoned asylum. Escape before the mad scientist, who haunts the asylum basement to this very day, returns and you end up the next eyeball in his formaldehyde jar.

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The Darkness

Long ago you made a deal with a mysterious stranger, and for a time all of your dreams came true. Lately however you've been feeling drained, beset by a darkness. It must be true, you signed your soul away to the devil. Find the contract and escape with your soul before the Prince of Darkness returns.

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Beau's Brewery

The world is facing a modern day prohibition. Only one beer recipe remains, and it's for the tastiest beer in the world - Beau's! Can you save the last beer recipe on Earth?

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Panic Room

Alright crew! We're here to crack the Schwartz family vault, located inside their high-security panic room. We think there's major loot inside this bad-boy, so let’s get in and out quick with as much of it as possible.

We only have 45 minutes before the cops show up. I'll wait 'round back with the getaway van, but if you're even one second late, I'm gone...

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Red Button Rooms Psycho

Psycho is back! You finally have a warrant to search the office of renowned psychologist, Vincent Snow. It has been years since you began your investigation into the disappearance of his young beautiful wife. You enter to gather evidence, only to find that you are now part of his twisted game!

Can you crack the case and outwit this 'Psycho' before he steals your final breath?

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Treasure Hunters that you are, you wander into the Valley of the Kings and stumble upon an abandoned excavation site. Lured in by a strange force, you ignore the hurried footprints leading out. As you enter, a voice echoes through the walls. "The Pharaoh's curse!" you gasp. Can you locate the famed Guardian's statue, the only known relic that can break curse, before exiting the Tomb?

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Museum Of Nature


Charlie, the clerk at the Museum of Nature, is being framed for the suspicious disappearance of specimens from the Mammals Gallery! Your team of private investigators has been hired to determine the facts behind these grizzly allegations.

Can you solve the mystery of the missing mammals and save Charlie's job?

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Good news: Dr. Rex has invented the world's first working time machine!

Bad news: On his most recent trip back in time he accidentally brought back some unwanted, formerly extinct stowaways! You have 60 minutes to help Dr. Rex return these dinosaurs back to where they came from before they are stuck in the present.

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You are on the final guided tour of the day, when you and your friends duck into a room and hide so that you can spend a night at the museum. You soon discover that it is not a museum at all. It is actually a cover for an enemy spy organization. You overhear some people talking behind closed doors of an imminent attack scheduled for tonight! You must escape! But first, you must find the communications room, stop the launch sequence and phone-in the Red Alert transmission to the outside world before it is too late! 12 people, 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes to save the world?

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Mystery Motel
Visit the Mystery Motel wesbite

Magician's Studio

Explore the studio of William Dank, who desperately wanted to become a world renowned illusionist. Failure pushed him to the brink of self-destruction, but was he really a murderer?

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Nearly a century ago, Rose LaFleur checked into this very room before vanishing along with the famed diamond in her possession. Can you retrace her steps and uncover the truth behind her disappearance?

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The Parlour

Look into the past, and scour the spot where Ottawa’s wealthiest criminals spent their time. Allegedly, some of the city’s most notorious crimes were hatched within this very room. Could evidence of William Dank’s whereabouts be preserved after all these years?

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GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats

Bachelor parties, team outings, birthdays, corporate events, even proposals! Escape Manor is the perfect venue to handle any and all of your entertainment needs. Escape Manor has hosted some of Canada's most recognized brands such as Shopify, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Government of Canada for superior team building and coaching outings. There is also no better way to start your bachelor/ette party then getting locked up together! No matter the occasion we can help you and your guests have a fantastic time and give them something to talk about for weeks!
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Downtown Location

201 Queen Street – 4th Floor
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5C9

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Hintonburg Location

982 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2X8

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Mystery Motel

41 York Street – 3rd Floor
Ottawa, ON, K1N 5S7

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