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Magicians at the Manor

VIP Meet and Greet Experience with the Festival Magicians! An evening of mental challenges, clues and special puzzles from the magicians themselves!

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How It Works

We are placing you and your friends in a themed adventure. As the clock counts down, you use logic and teamwork to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time runs out!

We look forward to locking you up!
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Enjoying a getaway with friends at a cabin in the woods, you sit around the campfire. Alex pulls out a Ouija board and you all begin to play. The 'game' starts to shake and spells a weird message before abruptly reverting to lifelessness. Stricken with fear, everyone runs to the cabin, however, Alex has vanished! You hear demonic chanting from within the cabin. Who or what can it be?

Are you brave enough to step inside and face the spirits you have awoken?

Room opens August 4th.

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A local wine-maker has been rumored to be murdering his dinner guests and using their blood to make red wine. Your investigation has led you to a sprawling countryside estate with nobody around for miles. Will you be the next batch of Merlot?

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As Jimmy O'Brien's main crew, you've been tasked with stealing a priceless gem from a well-known jewelry store. Upon entering you trip the silent alarm... now you have 45 minutes to disarm the lasers, crack the vault, and make out like bandits!

Is the Luck of the Irish on your side? Will you make it out in time?

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An unknown virus has devastated mankind and we now stand on the brink of destruction. In its wake, the virus has left a myriad of animated corpses who now roam our desolate cities. We suspect a local to be the creator, but first we must stop the virus. A nearby military base may have what we need. Can you infiltrate the base and find a cure before nothing remains of the living?

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GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats

Bachelor parties, team outings, birthdays, corporate events, even proposals! Escape Manor is the perfect venue to handle any and all of your entertainment needs. Escape Manor has hosted some of Canada's most recognized brands such as Shopify, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Government of Canada for superior team building and coaching outings. There is also no better way to start your bachelor/ette party then getting locked up together! No matter the occasion we can help you and your guests have a fantastic time and give them something to talk about for weeks!


1975 Broad Street
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