Dear Guest, thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 hibernation. But it has all been worth it — you can now book to enjoy an unforgettable escape experience with us again. To maximise your safety, we have implemented some new practices and there will be some restrictions on rooms and group sizes. Please see the booking page for details and we look forward to seeing you at the Manor very soon!

Please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan

Travellers' Choice Award

"This was definitely the best attraction I've been to in Brisbane...nothing short of a thriller!"

"The rooms are all really clever and interactive. We had such fun as a family, I would definitely recommend it!"

"So clever, so much fun!!! What a great way to spend an hour and challenge your brain cells."

How It Works

You and your friends are starring in your own themed adventure. As the clock counts down, you use logic and teamwork to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape before time runs out!

We look forward to locking you up!
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Our Experiences

From the moment the curtain rose you were enthralled. By the end of the show, you were mesmerised and... exhausted. Now Black Magic is coursing through you. You will need to discover the dark fatal secret before it consumes you.

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“Chris... Chris?” You look to your friends—their faces gripped by fear. “It's just a silly game” you thought.

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The moment of reckoning has arrived. All appeals exhausted, today you pay the ultimate price for your crimes. Then as you face your final meal there is an unexpected glimmer of hope. But you will have to be brave...

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A gurney, a physician's scale, jars filled with—god only knows—and the door slams shut behind you. “Is our tour guide coming back?” you whisper. A scream from beyond the door freezes your blood.

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You should have known. The contract. The contract too good to be true. His face alluring, eyes piercing, a slight curl to his lips. You signed, but you should have known.

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The winemaker: Arrogant. Pretentious. Intelligent. Ruthless. While rumours of her secret ingredient abound and more people go missing, she openly laughs. She must be stopped.

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GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats

Christmas parties, team outings, birthdays, hen's and buck's nights, corporate events, even proposals! The Escape Manor experience is perfect for that special occasion, corporate events or for just an unforgettable experience with your friends.

Escape Manor has hosted some of Australia's most recognised companies such as NAB, BHP, CPA, AFL, Virgin, Boeing, Flight Centre, MacDonald's and all levels of Government for superior team building, coaching, and social functions.

There is also no better way to start your birthday or hen's/buck's party than getting locked up together!

No matter the occasion we can help you and your guests have a fantastic time and and an experience they'll talk about for weeks!


51 Edward St
Brisbane City, QLD 4000

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