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The #1 rated Fun and Games attraction in Canada is now in Brisbane!

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About escape Manor

A door slams shut behind you, you’re locked in! Explore the room to discover clues. You have 45 minutes to work together to find the key to get out before ...

The rooms

Four different rooms. Four different themes. Choose your adventure, each with their own set of diabolical challenges, each more fiendishly clever than the last…
The Asylum

You’re trapped in Ward 13, a condemned area of an abandoned asylum. Escape before the mad scientist, who haunts the asylum basement to this very day, returns and you end up the next eyeball in his formaldehyde jar.

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The Covenant

Long ago you made a deal with a mysterious stranger who promised you a life of success, riches and happiness. For a time all of your dreams came true. Lately however you've been feeling empty, almost like your soul is being sucked out of you. You can't help but think that the mysterious stranger was not who he claimed to be. Could it be? You revisit the office where the deal was made with the hopes of finding a way out, but instead find yourself locked in. Will you escape? More importantly... will you escape with your soul?

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Wine Cellar

A local wine-maker has been rumored to be murdering his dinner guests and using their blood to make red wine. Your investigation has led you to a sprawling countryside estate with nobody around for miles. Will you be the next batch of Merlot?

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Death Row

You and your pack of thieves enter a famed art gallery seeking a precious collection piece. Suddenly the alarm system triggers and the authorities are notified! Will you have the skills to steal the collection piece and escape the gallery before they arrive?

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GROUPs, Parties, Team Building, Corporate Retreats

Bachelor parties, team outings, birthdays, corporate events, even proposals! Escape Manor is the perfect venue to handle any and all of your entertainment needs. Escape Manor has hosted some of Canada's most recognized brands such as Shopify, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, Government of Canada for superior team building and coaching outings. There is also no better way to start your bachelor/ette party then getting locked up together! No matter the occasion we can help you and your guests have a fantastic time and give them something to talk about for weeks!
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