“It is amazing what you can accomplish when you do not care who gets the credit” — Harry Truman

Team building: from the Escape Room to the Board Room

A successful escape from one of Escape Manor’s fun and challenging rooms requires shared purpose, effective leadership, good communication, mutual trust and group synergy. These are defining characteristics of high performing teams in today’s economy. With Escape Manor for Business, we invite you to maximize the benefits of this team building experience by transferring its lessons back to your workplace.

We are proud to present a partnership with MentorU, a local enterprise that empowers people and organizations to make use of their unique potential to build meaningful lives and companies. Through this partnership, we offer custom-made coaching sessions and interactive presentations where the escape experience serves as a platform to facilitate deeper learning and implementation of your team’s self-identified objectives.

While there are many possible avenues of exploration for these sessions, our goal is to help you implement positive and practical solutions specific to your business.

Available Sessions

The Essential

Self-facilitated team building

  • Comprehensive PDF guide to implementing the Escape Manor for Business team-building workshop
  • 60-minute virtual coaching session with one of our expert coaches in advance of your activity
  • Written feedback on your team's escape room performance from our experienced staff

The Inspirational

Half-day workshop

  • 3-hour high-performance workshop facilitated by one of our expert coaches
  • Written feedback on your team's escape room performance from our experienced staff
  • Post-workshop exercises to facilitate lasting behavioural change

The Integrative

Full-day workshop

  • 7-hour high-performance workshop facilitated by one of our expert coaches
  • Written feedback on your team's escape room performance from our experienced staff
  • Post-workshop exercises to facilitate lasting behavioural change

*We would love to help your team hone their high-performance skills, so please let us know if you have any questions. Pricing is dependent on group size. If you would like more information on our programs, please submit the form below, and we will be in touch.

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The Team

Jay Gosselin Bio

Jay is the founder of MentorU and has spoken in front of over 80,000 people since he began his career over 10 years ago, with audiences ranging in size from two to 2,000. From hosting all manner of entertainment onboard luxury cruise ships to training over 800 staff at the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, to coaching 12,000 students and parents on education and career decision-making, Jay is a passionate student of what makes people happy and successful. So much so, in fact, that he returned to school two years ago to undertake a Master’s degree in Educational Counselling. His return to formal academics has enabled him to integrate his varied life experiences with research in Psychology, leading to his formula for long-term happiness and success:

Meaningful Life = Action + Openness + Authenticity

Jay’s signature strengths include social intelligence, determination, authenticity and curiosity. He believes that by identifying and accentuating people’s strengths in the workplace, we can increase their passion, which is the catalyst for perseverance and productivity. Carl Rogers’ 3 necessary conditions for building trust (empathy, positive regard and genuineness) serve as the foundation for his integrative approach to productivity and leadership. Jay lives by the motto “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”, and he is most fulfilled when helping others achieve their unique potential.

J.P. Michel Bio

Jean-Philippe (J.P.) Michel is a career and leadership development consultant. His focus and expertise lie in coaching, training and the implementation of talent and leadership development initiatives. JP’s past clients include Sherwin Williams, Joy Global, Steelcase, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Halliburton, McKesson, Sam’s Club, British Petroleum, Corby, Sobeys, Hershey, and Pratt & Whitney.

A natural relationship builder with a track record for successful collaborations, JP excels at empowering leaders in order to achieve top-level results. JP has worked with hundreds of leaders, from high potentials to CEOs, to help them better understand their assessment and/or 360 results, target strengths and growth areas and develop robust development plans that get results.

Howard Gosselin Bio

To the belief he shares with Jay in empathy, positive regard and genuineness, Howard Gosselin adds 45 years of business experience and completed consulting assignments across multiple types and sizes of organisations. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen or done in the business environment. His emphasis is focused on helping organizations achieve a better future, via his team strategic planning process (he has facilitated over 300 team planning meetings), feasibility studies, business plans, his proprietary executive and team coaching methodology and his one-off research projects.

Some examples of Howard’s completed mandates:

  • Facilitation of 28 team planning sessions and the development of interconnecting implementation plans for an organization’s ten agreements with the province of Quebec.
  • Facilitation and development of team strategic plans for each of 25 separate branches and departments of a bank.
  • Facilitation, development and annual review of team strategic plans for four units of a major insurance company.
  • Facilitation and development of other team strategic plans for: industry and trade associations; government departments and crown corporations; a public company; several private companies.
  • Creation and implementation of the planning and budgeting system, the management reporting system, the communications and workflow procedures, and all important policies, for a new public company.
  • Operational assessments for two organizations seeking outside financing.

In addition to his economics undergraduate degree, his Queens MBA and his long years in business which quickly enable him to size up all business situations, Howard’s empathy, sincerity, good-humour, youthful energy and collegial approach are appreciated by his colleagues and clients. He believes that the team approach used in an escape of the very creative Escape Manor experience is a solid start to a team strategic planning process.